Teckland systems is an embedded electronics design company started in the year 1999.

We are a ODM - Original Design Manufacturer and OEM - Original equipment Manufacturer in the various segments of Domestic, Industrial and Automotive electronics.

We encompass the one stop solution for the embedded electronics requirements from the concept level to the product level.

Our Ultimate aim is to provide cost effective and high quality design/product on the embedded domain.

We are expert in Analog design, PCB design,  8, 16, 32bit microcontrollers, ARM,DSP, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi and Zigbee, BlueTooth, HART communication, 4-20mA, Product enclosures etc.

We also work on TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY. - BOM, GERBER, SCHEMATIC, SOURCE CODE  and all other related documents will be supplied on one time charge.

We are specialized in Web based monitoring and controlling of device in Automotive, Domestic and Industrial segments.
+ HARTŪ Protocol S-Series Module launched.

+ European operations started from September 2011. ( Denmark )

+ Contract signed with Effluent Treatment Plant (dyeing Industry) for Online Metering systems (AMR)

+ The product link in this website is under modification. Will be available very soon.